Wholesale Mexican Baja Hoodies

You can buy wholesale Mexican baja hoodies online at MexicanThreads.com where they have the largest selection of drug rug hoodies online. The Mexican jerga sweatshirt is made in Mexico from recycled fibers. They come in sizes for babies all the way up to 3XL for men and women.

wholesale mexican baja hoodies

Check out their new rasta Mexican blanket as well as baja backpacks too.

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Wholesale Mexican Blanket Baja Hoodies

You can buy wholesale Mexican blanket baja hoodies online at MexicanThreads.com where they have the largest selection in the world. Any color or size you can think of for both men and women!

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Mexican Blankets

Mexican Blankets are as versatile as your imagination. They come in assorted colors and sizes and their uses are endless, as you can see in just some of the examples below. Check out Elchamaco.com for a great selection of these Mexican serape blankets. They offer discounts for multiple orders.

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See more about our serapes wholesale

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Wholesale Mexican Blankets


Find affordable wholesale Mexican blankets at Elchamaco.com.  This is the site for all your Mexican blankets, poncho, and fiesta decorating needs. 

Elchamaco.com offers a wide selection of Mexican serape blankets, which are the brightly colored blankets that are typical in Mexican restaurants and are often used as tablecloths or as decorations for the wall.  These blankets make great additions to any house and can be used for standard decor or for adding color and charm for any fiesta or Mexican themed party or event.  The blankets come in a variety of sizes, so they will be sure to fit any decorating scheme and budget.  The best part is that Elchamaco.com offers a 15% discount on orders of 3o or more items.  All you have to do is enter more than 30 total items and the discount is automatically applied at checkout. 

In addition to the great selection of Mexican serape blankets, the site also has a wide choice of traditional falsas blankets, which are becoming quite popular for yoga.  These blankets are a much looser weave and are much thicker than the standard serape blanket.  The also come in a variety of colors, but usually each blanket only contains 3 to 4 colors.  While they are great for yoga, they are also very durable and great to used for a picnic, or just to keep in the car for an emergency.   The discount also applies to these blankets as well.

Finally, elchamaco also has a great selection of Mexican ponchos, both in the serape and falsa style and in adult and youth sizes.  These ponchos make great costumes for school plays, events, or even for Halloween. 

All products on the site are direct from Mexico, 100% authentic and sure to brighten your house, party, or event.  Check them out today.

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Mexican blankets

Where can I purchase Mexican blankets?
Check out Elchamaco.com

This time of year is the perfect time to get some Mexican blankets. They make great decorations for Cinco de Mayo which is just around the corner. Use them as tablecloths for your fiesta party at home or work. They come in assorted sizes and colors, so there is a size for whatever tables or bars you will be using. The best thing about buying Mexican blankets this time of year is that after you use them for your Mexican fiesta party you can continue to use them all year round for various uses. For example, keep a few in your car for the next trip to the beach or for a picnic.

Mexican blankets also make great home decor. You can use them as couch covers or make couch pillows out of them. You can also get creative and make curtains for your livingroom or bedroom. If you are even more creative and know how to sew, try making a shower curtain out of them or use them to reupholster your old hot rod.

Get wholesale baja hoodies online at Mexican Threads.

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Wholesale Serapes

Did you know that the correct name for the colorful Mexican blankets you have probably seen at your neighborhood Mexican restaurant is Serape? The term serape comes from the area in Mexico where these blankets originated. The colorful nature of these blankets have made them popular throughout the world for their unique color patterns and versatility. At Elchamaco.com, you can find a wide array of these serape blankets. They have them available in five different sizes, as well as in ponchos, table runners, and placemat sizes.

In addition to being used as a blankets, serapes make great decorations for Cinco de Mayo or other fiesta or Mexican themed events and parties. Use them as tablecloths or centerpieces, or cover your couch, loveseat, or even kitchen chairs. They are machine washable and can be hung dry in a matter of minutes. The best of all, Elchamaco.com provides a discount for orders of 10 or more items.

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Get Mexican blankets at Elchamaco.com

Elchamaco.com is a great site for wholesale Mexican Blankets. They offer a discount on their already low prices for any orders over 10. The site carries a large selection of colors and styles of Mexican blankets. Probably the most popular style is the Serape blanket, which is the iconic symbol of Mexico–the bright colored blanket that is striped with a rainbow pattern of varying degrees of thickness. Each blanket is generally one dominant color, followed by about 10 other colors. They are beautifully woven on wooden looms in southern Mexico.

These blankets are great for a variety of uses. Get some for your next fiesta or Mexican themed party or use them as Cinco de Mayo Decorations, either as tablecloths, couch covers, centerpieces, table runners, or placemats (they come in a variety of sizes, so they can be used for all of the above).

ElChamaco.com also carries Mexican Yoga blankets, which are the traditional falsa style blankets that are not only great for Yoga, but can also be used for pic-nics, or just to keep in the car in case of an emergency.

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Mexican decorations

Wholesale Mexican blankets from Elchamaco.com make great decorations for Mexican fiestas or parties.  When you are decorating for a fiesta, such as Cinco de Mayo (which is just around the corner), the number one thing to remember is that you need color–lots of color.  If you have ever been to Mexico you know that Mexican love colors-from their houses, to clothing, to food, the more colorful the better.  That is the great thing about Mexican serape blankets-they are very colorful.  Each Mexican blanket contains around 9 colors woven into the fabric.  Although each blanket is identified by a color, which is the widest stripe in the blanket, they also contain the other colors which are interspersed throughout the blanket in corresponding colors.   For example, if you are going with a blue theme for your party, you could get some blue serape blankets to use as decorations, but the blankets would also have shades of pink, turquoise, orange, red, white and black, so they would look great with a variety of decorations.

When decorating for a Mexican fiesta or party, first determine your base colors.  You can use the serapes as tablecloths on the bar or serving table where the food and drinks will be, or use a white tablecloth on the sit down tables, with a serape table runner down the middle.  The table runners are made of the same material and are the same style as the blankets, but they are cut the size of the standard table runner, which will fit a six foot table.  In the center of the table, use a few maracas and a sombrero or two. 

Mexican Decorations can also be used in and around the home, for example, you can cover your couch or coffee table with a serape blanket, or if you are really creative, you can make curtains out of the blankets and hang in your living room or wherever the party will be held.  The sky is the limit with these blankets, because they are so durable and versatile.

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Mexican Tablecloths

Mexican Tablecloths are a great addition to any fiesta or Mexican themed party or event.  These Mexican tablecloths are made of the same material as Mexican serape blankets.  These are the same type of blankets that are often seen in Mexican restaurants as tablecloths or hung on the wall or bar.   These blankets can be found at Elchamaco.com

The tablecloths come in 5 sizes.  The x-large is the most popular and can be used for 6 foot tables.  In addition to use as a tablecloth, these serapes can also be used as centerpieces or other party decor.  The tablecloths come in a variety of colors, from red to blue, to green.  They are all multi-colored, with one dominant color (which would be red in the picture above), and a mixture of other bright colors.  Each tablecloth also has a fringe on two of the ends. 

These blankets make any fiesta seem more authentic.  They also make great Cinco de Mayo decorations which is coming up on May 5th.   You can get a discount on orders of 10 or more at Elchamaco.com, which also carries Mexican blankets, Mexican table runners, and placemats.

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Mexican Ponchos

Mexican Ponchos come in two different styles. The serape ponchos (like those pictured above) are the bright colored ponchos that are similar to the Mexican blankets that are known by the same name. They generally have one dominant color, with other colors in smaller stripes. Thes are the most common Mexican ponchos when it comes to the typical Mexican costume that is popular at Halloween or other events. They are a lightweight material, generally acrylic or cotton blend and come in adult and youth sizes. Add a sombrero and you have the perfect costume!

mexican poncho hoodie

The second type of poncho is the traditional falsa poncho. These ponchos are generally a looser weave and come in mor muted earth tones such as blues, grays, greens, and browns. They are heavier than the serape ponchos.

Both of these styles of ponchos can be found at Elchamaco.com.  They offer discounts for multiple purchases, as much as 15% off for orders of 30 or more items.

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