Mexican decorations

Wholesale Mexican blankets from make great decorations for Mexican fiestas or parties.  When you are decorating for a fiesta, such as Cinco de Mayo (which is just around the corner), the number one thing to remember is that you need color–lots of color.  If you have ever been to Mexico you know that Mexican love colors-from their houses, to clothing, to food, the more colorful the better.  That is the great thing about Mexican serape blankets-they are very colorful.  Each Mexican blanket contains around 9 colors woven into the fabric.  Although each blanket is identified by a color, which is the widest stripe in the blanket, they also contain the other colors which are interspersed throughout the blanket in corresponding colors.   For example, if you are going with a blue theme for your party, you could get some blue serape blankets to use as decorations, but the blankets would also have shades of pink, turquoise, orange, red, white and black, so they would look great with a variety of decorations.

When decorating for a Mexican fiesta or party, first determine your base colors.  You can use the serapes as tablecloths on the bar or serving table where the food and drinks will be, or use a white tablecloth on the sit down tables, with a serape table runner down the middle.  The table runners are made of the same material and are the same style as the blankets, but they are cut the size of the standard table runner, which will fit a six foot table.  In the center of the table, use a few maracas and a sombrero or two. 

Mexican Decorations can also be used in and around the home, for example, you can cover your couch or coffee table with a serape blanket, or if you are really creative, you can make curtains out of the blankets and hang in your living room or wherever the party will be held.  The sky is the limit with these blankets, because they are so durable and versatile.

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